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Your financial and internal control health check.

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As audit limits have increased in recent years the number of businesses that have an obligation to have audited statutory accounts prepared has significantly decreased. At Beak Kemmenoe we are proud to continue to have a thriving audit department. Our team are extremely experienced in ensuring minimal disruption to your business whilst performing an efficient and compliant audit.

For some, the performance of a statutory audit is seen as an obligatory expense that gives no real value and is only performed to ensure that your company’s financial statements comply with all regulations.

However, as well as for compliance purposes we believe an audit should be viewed as a financial and internal control health check, which once performed can offer a degree of certainty to the directors and shareholders of the company. An audit provides increased assurance on the accuracy of your accounts in the eyes of suppliers and lenders which can be invaluable.

The results of an audit can provide advice on the improvement of internal controls and help to address any risks the business may be facing.

As well as statutory accounts audits we also carry out audits in the following areas:
  • Specialist charity audits
  • Assurance reviews

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