Value added tax (VAT)

Complex with ever changing legislation…we’re here to guide you.

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Value Added Tax can be very complex and requires careful planning. At Beak Kemmemoe we work closely with our clients to guide them through the ever changing legislation in this area.

We can assist with the initial registration process, the selection of the VAT scheme most suitable for your business, advise on record keeping to ensure that the maximum amount of VAT is recovered and we can assist you with completion of returns.

We also advise on how to minimise the risk of problems arising with HMRC, if a dispute does arise, we can help in negotiations with HMRC and if necessary represent you during a VAT inspection or attend a VAT visit.

We ensure that the risk of our clients either under or overpaying VAT is kept to a minimum by offering the following services;

We can:
  • Carry out your book-keeping and we complete the VAT return for you;
  • Complete the VAT return from records you complete;
  • Provide training on how to complete an accurate return;
  • Carry out VAT health checks.

Please contact us to speak with our expert team of advisors for any VAT requirements.

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